Fabio Caragliano – Nothing Gets Me Down

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Fabio Caragliano, a budding new singer, song writer and producer has released a new single titled “Nothing Gets Me Down” this is his first solo song which will feature a combination of Pop and RnB beats which is Fabio’s unique style of music. The track is now available for download on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all major digital music stores. The video for “Nothing Gets Me Down” has also been sequentially released; the official video can be viewed on YouTube: http://youtu.be/0Yhl-5nzT3Y

On the release of “Nothing Get Me Down” official video, Fabio took to Facebook to express his feelings about the release of his first single and its video, he wrote: Today I’m 28, 10 years that music is part of my life! 1 year since I release my single, seems like yesterday when I was shooting the video, spent hours in the studio to make it sound perfectly. I always love this song and I am happy that people around the world love it too! Thanks to all my supporters and friends.”

It has been reported that the process of composing and recording the single took a year to complete, during the process Fabio collaborated with different talented musicians such as Marcello Lavorgna (bass player) and Luca Tomassini (ukulele). The mixing and mastering of the track was completed in New York by top mixing engineer Brent Kolatalo, who is a Grammy-nominated mixing engineer for big time music artists such as Eminem and Kanye West.

I the song, Fabio uses a particular figure: “I am like a soldier that resists any kind of weather; I am the builder of my own house, the scientist of my long life potion” which is symbolic of the growth of Fabio as an artist as well as the life goals he has achieved and the feeling of empowerment and satisfaction his achievements have brought. In future, Fabio plans on experimenting with more unique sounds and combinations of music genres, he would like to continue to inspire and entertain people through his influential song writing and build a strong and fulfilling career in the music industry.

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