Australian tropical house and pop singer turned producer Fabio Carry has just released his new single “Panamalu”. The single raises the bar and gives fans a delicious taste of what they can expect from Fabio Carry in the future.

Last year’s hit “Nothing Gets Me Down” (https://youtu.be/0Yhl-5nzT3Y) put Fabio on the map and had him featuring in events and festival throughout Europe and Australia. This year is expected to be no different, with a new hit under his belt Fabio Carry is already busy working on more fresh sounds for his rapidly increasing fan base.

His Story
Fabio born and raised in Milan, Italy, on June 14th 1986, has been making records since 2002. At the age of 16 he began studying as singer, at the same time piano and music composition. In 2007 He first saw fame when he began writing tracks for dance and house project, releasing songs in Italy and European countries. With ‘Indietro – Ciao Bella’ he got know a lot in the music industry.

As a consequence of it came into contact with many other Djs and producers, especially from M2o Radio, who wanted him as singer and songwriter for their projects.

Since February 2007 to 2014 Fabio Carry is the singer, songwriter and keyboard player of Carry, the Pop/Rock Band he founded with his own nickname. In 2008 with won the 1° World Price from the event ’500 Picnic’ organised from FIAT and MTV thanks to his unpublished song “Noi siamo i giovani” and a great live exhibition at Idroscalo (Mi).

Fabio Carry appears on MTV Video/Adv “Tocca a noi” of italian famous singers like J-Ax, Giusy Ferreri and Marracash. In 2010 Carry produced a pop EP of 5 songs. They shooted a music video for the song ‘Vincerai’ dedicating it to Football World Cup 2010 – in less than 1 month it got more than ten thousand views on Youtube.